Property Valuations Auckland, New Zealand

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Property Valuations Auckland, New Zealand

Investing in property is more often than not a heavy investment. The amount of money that is involved in the property investment makes the sale and purchase of property a very sensitive endeavor, where both parties (the buyer and the seller) have to carry out due diligence to protect their interest.

One of the very best ways of protecting a buyer’s or seller’s interests is to seek professional property valuations Auckland services. Property valuation services are services rendered by professional property appraisers; whose primary role is to determine an estimated value of a given property, based on the prevailing market conditions and the condition of the property in question.

MyValocity is a leader in this niche service market; the proprietor of the company and the company itself have carved out a good reputation for the providing high-quality property valuation services.

What Makes MyValocity Different From The Rest Of The Field

One of the most discerning characters of MyValocity is the personnel that the company has, starting with the proprietor of the company, Carmen Vicelich. Carmen had dealt with property data for more than 16 years before establishing MyValocity. Recognising that a gap exists in the property data sphere, she established MyValocity, which makes it a tad easier to acquire data to use as a basis for purchases and lending.

The company also has in its ranks Kerry Stewart, a property appraiser who has amassed an enviable reputation. He is the appraiser that international organisation such as World Bank and The United Nations call when they need some work done regarding properties. MyValocity also has Malinda Baird, an appraiser who has been in the scene since 1998, working extensively in the private and public sectors.

Beyond having qualified and experienced personnel running and managing the company, the company sets itself apart by providing the most comprehensive data on New Zealand property market, which is also up-to-date. This is no mean feat to achieve. However, this comprehensive coverage of the property valuations Auckland, New Zealand enable their clients to attain an in-depth understanding of the property they intend to sell or purchase.

Finally, MyValocity sets itself apart by being independent. It is wholly New Zealand owned and independent. It is little wonder that New Zealand banks trust its valuation reports.

The Services Offered By MyValocity With Regards To Property Valuations Auckland, New Zealand

 MyValocity offers its services in three different packages, including;

#1. The Seller Package – The seller package is designed, crafted and optimized to give property seller an in-depth understanding of their property. This package helps any and every New Zealander intending to sell property gain proper grounding on matters relating to the value of their property, enabling them to price it competitively and profitably.

#2. The Buyer Package – This package contains property data that property buyers need to make an informed decision on their purchases. The package contains sale history, Certificate of Title Summary Report, Estimated Valuation Report among other pertinent data.

#3. The Estimated Valuation Subscription – This subscription enables users to make All You Can Search property enquiries. With this subscription service, property valuations Auckland, New Zealand becomes a tad easier to conduct.


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